Caring for Your African American or Biracial Child’s Hair

CURLS is here to help you care for your angel’s tresses! Our Curly Q Products line was created just with her in mind!  Most of the questions we receive daily are “how do I tame and control my princesses’ tight curls?”  We have the perfect solution!

The best way to loosen and lengthen tight curls, without chemicals or chemically based products is to do a twist out.

Here is what a twist out looks like, when wet, after freshly cleansed/conditioned/moisturized hair + adding our Curly Q Custard. Allow it to either air dry (overnight) or under a dryer (20 minutes).

Step #1- Cleanse with our Curlie Cutie Cleansing Cream. http://www.curls.biz/store/curlie-cutie-cleansing-Cream/

Step #2 - Condition with Coconut Dream conditioner, http://www.curls.biz/store/Coconut-Dream-Conditioner/ detangle with the conditioner on the hair.  Make sure to use a wide tooth detangler only.

Step #3 – Moisturize with Moist Curls Moisturizer. http://www.curls.biz/store/Moist-Curls-Moisturizer-Detangler-p-398/

Step #4 – Section the hair into 8-15 sections (depending on the thickness of the hair), apply the Curly Q Custard http://www.curls.biz/store/curly-q-custard-hair-care-product/, and twist securely from top to bottom.  Make sure that you twist all of the hair, do not leave any hair out in the ends.  Wrap with a silk or satin scarf.  Allow to air dry, overnight.

Here is what a twist out looks like after the hair is dry, and you remove the twists.

Also, for added sheen, use our Curly Q Mimosa Elixir  http://www.curls.biz/store/mimosa-curly-q-elixir/. It will replenish, restore, rehydrate and ad sheen to dry hair.  When applied to the scalp, it encourages growth.


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