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The decision to forgo your long term relationship with your chemical addiction of choice (relaxers, perms, and straightners) is one that tends to cause more heartache and turmoil then the current economic environment. “Transitioning” has become common place in the ethnic community. According to a recent Mintel report, more than 10 million ethnic (African American, Hispanc and Asian) women have also decided to join the natural revolution and embrace their natural kinks, waves, and curls resulting in a dramatic decline in the sales of relaxers. The concern about the lack of easy and professional styling options have caused a bit of uncertainty for some. Rest assured there are a host of resources, quality products, and transitioning specific websites to help.

Before you begin your journey to freedom, you must decide where you want to start. You have a few choices

  1. you can grow out the chemicals(which takes the most time and patience),
  2. cut off all of the chemicals at once and rock your TWA (transitioner’s slang for tiny Winnie afro), or
  3. cut half of the chemicals off and get regular trims (~ 3-4") every 3 months to speed up the process.

Very important note:  the point where your natural and your relaxed hair meet is THE most vulnerable...therefore is more likely to break if not properly handled and taken care of.  You want to keep your hair well conditioned and hydrated to ensure a smooth, breakage free transition.

Here are a few key steps that you must commit to:

1. You definitely want to start by giving yourself a weekly deep treatment with heat for the next few months.  Invest in the Hair Therapy Wrap, now available at www.curls.biz (and a few plastic caps to cover your hair).  This portable invention allows you to do chores, check email, etc., while conditioning at the same.  You no longer have to sit under a hot dryer or go to a salon for deep treatment…invest in a Heat Therapy Wrap and do it yourself!  Your hair needs a conditioner that is geared to replenish chemically altered hair. CURL Ecstasy Hair Tea conditioner  (available at www.curls.biz) will transform your dry, chemically damaged, over stressed tresses within minutes! This magical Asian tea formulation combines natural botanicals and vitamin packed extracts with rich, exotic emollients to moisturize, condition, strengthen and protect your delicate locks.

2. It is imperative that you moisturize your hair daily. CURLS Quenched Curls moisturizer a great option. It softens the hair, eases comb ability, moisturizes and conditions, preps it for the next step, and leaves a little goodness behind. Use this daily.   Available at www.curls.biz $13.

3. Over shampooing (with traditional shampoos) and under conditioning are common culprits for dry, breakage prone hair.  Therefore, shampooing more than 1x a week is not recommended.  On the other "shampoo-less" days do a conditioning rinse - rinse hair to remove styling products (this is where using the right products that are water soluble come in), apply an ample amount of conditioner, comb through, rinse and proceed with styling.  Doing so will pump much needed moisture back into your  hair without stripping away essential nutrients, rinse away unnecessary dirt and oil and give  you a fresh clean start.  I recommend using sulfate free cleansers at all times. Recommended products: Curlicious Curls Cleansing Cream available at www.curls.biz $13.

4. Using the right hair products, with quality ingredients is absolutely necessary.  Avoid products with mineral and/or petrolatum oil in them...as both of these synthetic oils coat and suffocate the hair shaft, blocking moisture out thus drying out the hair.  Remember, dryness leads to breakage. If applied directly to the scalp, mineral and petrolatum oil can actually retard growth.  If your hair requires oil, always opt for a natural oil such as olive, jojoba, coconut, almond oil, etc.  These natural oils actually penetrate and moisturize the hair.

5. Avoid drying products such as gel, hairspray and mousse with drying alcohol.  If you need curl enhancement, opt for curl enhancers, lotions and creams such as our Curls Milkshake, Curl Gel-les’c, or Curl Souffle, available at www.curls.biz $18, $25, and $16 respectively.

6. Reduce the amount of times per month you heat process your hair.  If you currently are doing so 3x a month, cut back to 2x a month with a goal of 1x a month MAX!  This will ensure the health and integrity of your hair.

7. Make sure you get regular trims...starting off with an inch or two is a great idea!

TRANSITIONIERS DREAM STYLER: Curls Milkshake (no hold) or Curl Gel-les’c (hold) available at www.curls.biz). Derived from certified organic coconut milk and aloe leaf juice, these moisturizing stylers help to “bridge the gap” between the natural and relaxed hair and works well as “new growth smoother.”

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