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Traditional Chinese Medicine And Hair Loss

According to traditional Chinese medicine, loss of hair can be a signal of weakness in the liver or kidneys or some kind of blood deficiency. Chinese hair care products offer special nutrition to the organs that result in loss of hair. There are numerous ways that Traditional Chinese medicine handle the problem of hair loss. Some methods are given below. (more…)

Massage To Relax Your Scalp

Your scalp can benefit immensely from a good hair massage as the massage stimulates the flow of blood. The stimulated flow of blood helps feeding the hair follicles. This prevents the loss of hair to a great extent. A good massage can also help in the natural growth of curly hair. It is healthy for the hair follicles. (more…)

Make Your Curls Grow Faster

You cannot make your hair grow overnight. There is no quick fix available that will achieve the impossible. On an average the growth rate is only half an inch per month. However there are things that you can do to boost the growth of your hair. Given below are few tips. (more…)

Herbs and Curls

Herbs have often helped in maintaining a healthy body in a natural way. It is safer and more effective that any synthetic product. Herbs have the capacity to stimulate growth of hair and prevent hair loss. They are effective in their action and can give you wonderful results if used dedicatedly. (more…)

Curly Hair Care – the organic way

When you use shampoos and conditioners for your curly hair, make sure that you use organic curly hair products. Organic curly hair products are much more effective than using synthetic substances. If you really want to save your hair and scalp from damage, then you need to use organic hair care products. (more…)

Understanding Alopecia Areata Disease

Alopecia areata is a disease that is usually distinguished by loss of hair on the scalp that happens in distinct circular patches. It is an autoimmune disease that is brought about by the attack of a person’s immune system on the hair follicles. (more…)

Boosting Curly Hair Growth

A healthy lifestyle is key to healthy curly hair. The body needs a variety of vitamins but there are certain vitamins that solely help in growth of hair. A proper balanced diet can go a long way in promoting curly hair growth. (more…)

Curly Hair Care During Summer

The harsh rays of the sun and the humidity can be really damaging for your curls. It can cause split ends and make your hair frizzy. So you need to pay extra attention to your curls. (more…)

Give Attention To Your Curls

Like all other hair types, curly hair also requires a lot of attention. In fact at times it demands more of your time than straight hair as it tends to be coarser and more brittle. The best way to maintain curly hair is to have a proper hair cut. The techniques cutting of curly hair are different from those of straight hair. (more…)

Prevent Your Curly Hair Loss

There can be various reasons for losing curly hair. The most common is due to lack of proper nutrition. You need to have a balanced diet full of vitamins, carbohydrates and proteins if you are interested in saving your hair. You also need to add a good amount milk products and have plenty of water. (more…)