African American Curly Hair

African-American hair care can be difficult to manage if proper hair care is neglected. Using the right hair care products is an absolute necessity. At CURLS we understand the needs of Afro American women; this is why we infuse our hair care product lines with restorative and conditioning ingredients. A key part in a good hair care regime is to select the right shampoo, which is the first defense against damaged hair in order to clean the hair of all debris. Always use a moisture rich shampoo that detangles while cleansing and doesn’t strip the hair of essential nutrients. Our sulfate free cleanser, Curlicious Curls Cleansing Cream is gentle enough to use daily and hydrating enough to use without conditioner.
Black hair tends to be dryer and more brittle than most other types. Intensifying problems, African American women add a tremendous amount of stress to their curls. By continued combing, the use of chemical relaxers and other treatments e.g. heavy weaves, braids and extensions, all of which could result in breakage.. Prepare your curls prior to styling by giving your hair what it needs to become stronger and healthier to prevent problems before they start.

CURL Ecstasy Asian Hair Tea conditioner will transform dry, damaged, over stressed tresses within minutes! This magical Asian tea formulation combines natural botanicals and vitamin packed extracts with rich, exotic emollients to moisturize, condition, strengthen and protect your delicate curls. Ideal to combat brutal Winter winds and the sizzling Summer sun! This deep conditioner works best as a thermal conditioner, for weekly and monthly use.
Afro American hair care products must have moisturizers in them and lend strength to curly hair. Curl’s conditioning line has the rich oils and natural ingredients that are like no other for hydrating the hair and scalp. Our products contain the essential fatty acids needed for both the hair and scalp to prevent dryness and flaking. Our specially formulated moisturizer, Quenched Curls Moisturizer, not only make the hair softer, but also protect the hair from sun damage which can cause it to dry out. It works to repair damaged hair caused by repeated perms, relaxers and coloring by penetrating the hair shaft, allowing you to see noticeable difference in a short time.
Afro-Caribbean hair texture may be coarse, but due to its particular configuration which can either be curly, kinky or wavy is fragile. Every twist and turn can result in weakening the strength of the hair and create breaking points. Climatic conditions and environmental factors such as heat, Ultra Violet rays, or cold weather may compound the hair’s existing dry condition.
If given the proper care and attention, Afro-Caribbean hair can look healthy and shiny and grow to reasonable lengths, whether it is virgin hair or has been chemically processed. Black hair requires careful management on a daily basis to restore any loss of strength and maintain a natural balance of moisture. CURLS carries the ultimate conditioner that deep conditions black hair by penetrating the hair shaft with vital amino acids to protect and repair the hair, making it soft and strong again. Since hair is primarily made of keratin, a protein composed of amino acids, is needed to nourish both the inside and outside, CURLS curly hair care products contain this important ingredient and will put back the nutrients time has taken away.
For advance techniques on how to care for African American hair, Afro Caribbean hair or Afro American curly hair visit our tips and product suggestions page

With the proper attention and care, African-American hair can look shinier and healthier. For transforming your damaged, dry, over stressed tresses caused by the wrong hair care products, you must switch to CURLS. We understand your needs and have we offer customized hair care product lines specially made for Afro American women and girls. Click here to see some unique hair care products – infused with restorative and conditioning ingredients required for Afro American curly hair type – at our online store.