7 Reasons to be THANKFUL for my CURLS!

Sure, sure, natural hair can be a lot of work, but so can every other type of hair.   In the month of thanks let’s count our curl blessings! Ready, Go! 1. It’s Mine, All Mine! One of the best reasons to thankful for your curls is just that; they’re yours! Sprouting straight from your precious

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Breast Cancer Sucks

Breast Cancer Sucks CURLS is a huge supporter of Breast Cancer Awareness month. Knowing the power women hold and the pain that can come along with that feminine power, we are here to pay tribute to the many strong women who have been hurt from the horrors of Breast Cancer. To honor you, we are donating

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How to Choose the Right Blueberry For Your Curly Hair!

How to Pick the Right Blueberry For Your Curly Hair! New to the Blueberry lifestyle?  Don’t feel left out any longer!  Let me introduce you to the Blueberry Collection! Each item is enriched with Blueberry Extract, nature’s fast track to nourished, strong, growing threads.  Chocked full of antioxidant phytonutrients, blueberries fortify the cells in your body

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Effortless Style with the CURLS Blueberry Bliss Collection

      Beautiful, Effortless Style with the CURLS Blueberry Bliss Collection Natural curls have all the fun!  Glam it up, dress it down, or rock your natural curl pattern.  Whatever you choose, you’ve got options!  Check out this fun, flirtatious number by the GlamTwinz! With any new curl set, start on freshly cleansed and

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The Blueberry Collection, NOW at Target!

  It’s a Celebration for CURListas! The Blueberry Collection Comes to Target   CURListas have wondered, asked, hoped and begged and now, finally the Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Jelly and Twist N Shout Crème will be accessible at select Target Stores!   It’s official; starting NOW, you can visit select stores to find the products

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Curly, Not Straight! Shake, and Not Stirred!

  What’s your Curl Cocktail? By “ CURL Cocktail” we mean, what is your best blend of CURLS products that give you the BEST results, time after time? Here’s a little help. Enjoy these few selections to wet your appetite. Choose one or more product from EACH of the four sections to create your own

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Understand your Curly Hair Porosity

HOW DOES YOUR HAIR ABSORB MOISTURE ? Porosity is determined by how your hair receives moisture.  Some hair absorbs moisture easily and readily. Other curly hair types have a difficult time receiving moisture while there are also types that are somewhere in between. Knowing where your hair lies within the spectrum is important for the health

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