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There Are a Few Things You Can Do To Protect Your Curls When Traveling. Do You Know Them?

Dry Hair


       Traveling for many miles on the airways can leave you feeling thirsty, fatigued, and sweaty; all symptoms of jet lag.  That is due to one contributing force; dehydration.  Do you know that the humidity levels inside the aircraft begin around 12% and in flight decrease to roughly 2% according to Jayne McAlister?  She also advises that,” Dehydration causes your cells to become less efficient.  As your cells dry out, they pull water from your blood reducing blood volume…”


These changes in the air affect your bodily fluids, your skin and your hair and leave you dry, lacking moisture.  Lack of humidity in the air causes the atmosphere to pull moisture from the environment, which includes your hair.  The end result can leave you parched, bloated, and in need of a skin and hair moisturizer.   Take preventive action by hydrating your body with water before, during and after flight.   Give your curls a deep penetrating conditioner the day before take off and seal it with oil like avocado, or jojoba.  At the conclusion of your travels, apply a leave-in treatment to your hair and bring your hair back into a healthy balance.


Follow this method each time you fly for optimal curl health on the airways.

Curls at Nzuri Natural Hair Event Houston TX, Dec 8-9 2012

Ladies of Houston, Texas the 4th annual Nzuri Natural Hair, Health & Beauty Festival is less than 1 month away! Join us for shopping, competitions, showcase, workshops, and lots of FREE products for naturally curly hair!! This year’s show is at The Reliant Center in Houston, TX on December 8th & 9th. To register or for more information visit www.NaturalHairFestival.com.


Curls at Nzuri Natural Hair Show



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CURLS’ Quenched Curls was featured in this issue of Hype Hair!

Black HairTo get this model’s naturally curly hair look, the stylist applied Quenched Curls – which enhanced and moisturized her natural curls – scrunching it into her hair, after cleansing and conditioning.


Curly Hair Curls on Facebook Connect with Curly Hair Curls on Google+ African American Hair Care organic products for curly hair

Curly Hair Care Products

Curly hair is considered a sign of beauty. It has become a latest trend and women are using different techniques to get curls if they do not have them naturally. Women who have naturally curly hair should consider themselves lucky. Thus, you need to use effective methods and techniques for your hair with curls.

Curl Defining Cream: It can be readily found in the markets. You should use this cream before styling your curly hair in order to make your curls look soft and healthy.

Shampoo: Use only those shampoo products that are meant for your hair type. If you are dissatisfied with your current shampoo then maybe you made a mistake while choosing one. Change your shampoo as soon as possible and consult your hairdresser in this regard.

Conditioner: Another effective curly hair care product is conditioner. You do not have to use shampoo daily but try to use conditioner on a daily basis to keep removing debris and dirt.


Curly Hair Curls on Facebook Connect with Curly Hair Curls on Google+ African American Hair Care organic products for curly hair

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