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This page was created to offer you a one stop shop, resource page to quickly retrieve key CURLS forms and marketing materials to help you grow your businesses. If there are any materials or resources you would like for us to add to this page please email us at


CURLS Vendor Order Forms

CURLS Order Form – download CURLS Vendor Order Form (includes CURLS, Curly Q’s, and It’s A Curl products)


CURLS Customer/Product Selection Assistance

Salons/StylistsWatch CURLS product demos to learn the best way to use and apply CURLS products.

Selling CURLS – Not sure which products to recommend to your customers? Review ourCURLS Hair Type/Product Recommendation Chart to help guide you through the CURLS product selection process.

CURLS Marketing Materials

CURLS Brochure (8.5×11) CURLS_Brochure_8.5×11.pdf 6.3MB
CURLS Poster. (4×2) CURLS_Poster_4’x2′.pdf 21.24MB
CURLS Poster. (18×24) CURLS_Poster_18x24.pdf 7.64MB
CURLS ShelfTalker (11.75×8.5) CURLS_ShelfTalker_11.75×8.5.pdf 1.16MB
Curly Q’s Postcard. Back Kit (4×6) CQ-postcard-back-Kit-4×6.pdf 1.86MB
Curly Q’s Postcard. Back PR (4×6) CQ-postcard-back-PR-4×6.pdf 1.56MB
Curly Q’s Postcard. Front (4×6) CQ-postcard-front-4×6.pdf 2.1MB
Curly Q’s Poster. (18×24) CQ-poster-18×24.pdf 2.26MB
Curly Q’s Shelftab. (8.5×11.75) CQ-shelftab-8.5×11.75.pdf 720KB
IAC Shelftab. (8.5×11.75) IAC-shelftab-8.5×11.75.pdf 4.05MB


Vendor Referral Program vendor-referrals.pdf 80KB
CURLS Vendorreferral. (8.5×11) CURLS-vendorreferral-8.5×11.pdf 17KB


Web Banners

Animated Gifs
CURLS 160×600 CURLS_160x600.gif 36KB
CURLS 300×250 CURLS_300x250.gif 65KB
CURLS 728×90 A CURLS_728x90_A.gif 52KB
CURLS 728×90 B CURLS_728x90_B.gif 54KB
CURLS 268×465 BK CURLS_268x465_BK.jpg 126KB
CURLS 268×465 Champagne CURLS_268x465_Champagne.jpg 102KB
CURLS 300×250 BK CURLS_300x250_BK.jpg 85KB
CURLS 300×250 WH CURLS_300x250_WH.jpg 79KB
CURLS 581×241 CURLS_581x241.jpg 160KB
CURLS 728×90 CURLS_728x90.jpg 71KB