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Blissful Lengths Liquid Hair Growth Vitamin - NEW & IMPROVED FLAVOR

Same formula, improved flavor!  We have added more blueberries!!    Not realizing the hair growth you'd hope for? Looking for a better supplment for your hair care regime?  Grow, Strengthen and Maintain Healthy Hair, Nails & Skin.  MAXIMUM HAIR HEALTH & GROWTH IN 1 BOTTLE! Grow and Slay The Blueberry Way!
(82 reviews)  

8.00 oz
Out of stock
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Grow, Strengthen and Maintain Healthy Hair, Nails & Skin,  MAXIMUM HAIR HEALTH & GROWTH IN 1 BOTTLE!  

Did you know that your body absorbs up to 98% of liquid vitamins into our bloodstream, and only up to 20% with a pill? That is right!  Get results with Blissful Lengths.


Our time release elixir is formulated with a proprietary blend of bioactive coenzymes, vitamins, antioxidants, nutrients, organic blueberry extract, and essential B vitamins including B1, B2, B3, B5, Biotin, Folic Acid and vitamin B12.  It promotes healthy hair growth, enhances the strength of each hair shaft, and increases the integrity of the hair.   


Key Information

  • Absorb up to 98% of the vitamins and nutrients into the bloodstream vs up to 20% from a pill
  • Promotes healthy scalp, and increased hair growth
  • Aids in detoxification of, and the repair of, scalp cells
  • Reduces shedding and combats dandruff
  • Optimizes metabolism without caffeine
  • Vegan friendly 
  • Supports preventative skin health
  • NO breakouts
  • Boosts the immune system 
  • 1 bottle = 1/2 month


Directions: Shake well.  Take 1 tablespoon TBSP  (15mL) OR 3 teaspoons TSP (15mL) per day.  Refrigerate after opening.  Best to take in the morning.  Optimal results seen after 2-3 months.  Time to "Grow & Slay!"

Vitamin A (as beta carotene) 700 IU 14%
Vitamin B-1 (as thiamin HCI) 5 mg 333%
Vitamin B-2 (as riboavin) 5 mg 294%
Vitamin B-3 (as niacinamide) 25 mg 125%
Pantothenic Acid (as d-calcium pantothenate) 25 mg 250%
Vitamin B-6 (as pyridoxine HCI) 10 mg 500%
Biotin 2,500 mcg 833%
Folate (as folic acid) 100 mcg 25%
Vitamin B-12 (as methylcobalamin) 100 mcg 1667%
Selenium (as L-selenium methionine) 70 mcg 100%
Inositol 200 mg **
MSM (methyl-sulfonyl-methane) 100 mg **
N-Acetyl -L-Cysteine 30 mg **
L-Proline 30 mg **
Proprietary Blend 350 mg **
Coconut Juice Powder, Blueberry Leaf Extract, Ginger Root Extract, Horsetail Extract, Aloe Vera
*Percent Daily Value are based on a 2,000 calorie diet **Daily Value not established



Key Ingredient Breakdown: 

  • B1 -immune system booster, required for proper skin development, promoted as stress reducer
  • B2- promotes healthy hair and nail growth 
  • B3- protects against toxins and pollutants, improves circulation in the scalp, which encourages hair growth 
  • B5- immune system booster, reduces dandruff and  treats hair loss
  • Biotin- Combats hair loss and encourages hair growth
  • B12- increases energy and  encourages cell detoxification 
  • Coconut Juice – helps post workout recovery and replaces electrolytes after sweating
  • Blueberry Leaf – helps skin repair itself, and clears skin. A natural anti inflammatory and strong antioxidant that encourages hair growth
  • Ginger Root-  improves circulation,  a natural anti-inflammatory, promotes cell cleansing and toxin removal
  • Horsetail Extract- a strong anti-oxidant, and aids against hairloss
  • Aloe Vera- the original superfood, promotes a healthy immume system, proteolytic enzymes to repair dead skin cells in the scalp


Customer feedback
Mar 25, 2018
I started this vitamin almost 2 weeks ago this Tuesday (I started them on March 13th). And either I'm crazy or my hair grew an entire inch since I started!!! I recently did the big chop 2 weeks ago as well and I had around 1 to 1.5 inches of growth on my head (when stretched). Now my hair is 2.5 to 3 inches long when i stretch it. I don't believe it, LOL! Another note is that my Hair feels really thick when I rub my hands across it. I have 6 more bottles to take (I didn't order them from here). And hopefully when I finish those bottles my Hair will be around 6 to 7 inches long! I pray that it will happen! In the name of Jesus! AMEN!
Mar 14, 2018
This stuff is AMAZING!!!! Though I don't like the change in it recently use to b a dark red color now its yellow AND it doesn't taste as good as it did... BUT this works GREAT
Darlene Wallace
Mar 10, 2018
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Unbelievable is the only words that come to mind right now! I am currently on my 4th bottle of Curls vitamins right now. I feel like screaming at the top of my lungs about how great this product is. My skin, hair and nails have improved so much and my self confidence is turning completely around. I told my mother about this vitamin because she has thinning hair in the top and is 66 years old. She is on her 3Rd bottle. I was in tears when she called me today to say that her hair is growing back in the thinner spots of her head and her edges are starting to fill back in. She can't believe it!!! She was so excited and decided to also order the Curls Mask Deep Conditioner plus the Mint Tea Oil. This company does not get the recognition that it deserves. We will ALWAYS order these products for the rest of our lives. Praise God for you. Please contime to provide these great quality products!!!! My mother and I log on to our accounts all the time to see if the coupons are activated...lol...it doesn't hurt to try!! We plan to stock up when the Curls company has sales! It's so refreshing to finally find a product that works!
Carol A Newman
Feb 19, 2018
I just heard about the liquid vitamins, will order my first bottle from this site
Tanya M
Feb 16, 2018
I started using this product because my hair has been falling out in clumps due to work-related stress, and not only has it prevented me from being bald-headed right now, but my hair grows incredibly long each month...on average a 1/2 inch, despite it being on the thin side. I will continue to use this product even after my hair shedding stops because of the growth in length. I live in Dubai too and they always ship my orders very quickly to me.