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Blueberry Bliss Collection

Step 3 - Moisturize & Detangle

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Want to encourage your little curly cutie to love her textured hair? You can do so by making hair care experience fun and virtually painless. Using a formulated detangler for curly hair would be the best thing you can do to release the snags and knots that cause so much pain to your little one. However, you need to look at your entire hair care regimen to make sure all of the pieces fit. Once you have an award winning hair care regimen, commit to it and you will see your children look forward to wash day. Here’s how!

  • Moist Curls - Curl Moisturizer/Detangler

    Moist Curls - Curl Moisturizer/Detangler

    This liquid leave in will provide the moisture her thirsty tresses crave!...
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Teach Them to Love their Curly Hair


Slick, straight, flat, and long; the most common descriptions of the type of hair little girls want. Where do they get this from? Well, mostly from the images they see on television and maybe from their peers. Some of these images are trends that come and go, but our naturally curly hair will always be around. Teach her by communicating how amazing you believe her hair is. Tell her about the unique qualities that you see in her hair, whether it is super curly, thick, or if it does something cool that you don’t often see. Most importantly, you can make a powerful statement to her by wearing your hair in its natural state more often. What will eventually happen is that she will connect with her hair and her own look, resulting in more receptive hair care moments that she can look forward to.


Talk to her throughout the hair care process and help her to see that with each and every step, she is improving herself and enhancing her natural beauty. This will lead her to ask more questions and desire to learn more. Be ready with a positive answer and only use words of affirmation when discussing her hair or her overall look. Be careful not to use words and phrases like, “too much hair” for example. She is listening and keeping a record of every word you say and believe it or not, she will associate pain or pleasure with hair care, based on how she feels about herself. So compliment her each and every day. This will not be a one-time fix, but will take time, and down the road you will see the results. Do not get weary or tired, just bless her with your words and actions and you will see results.


Establish a Curly Hair Care Routine


This should include cleansing, conditioning, moisturizing, detangling and styling on a regular basis. This process will become predictable and comfortable rather than being painful and inconvenient. Use only the best products for curly hair which are organic products like CURLS Curly Q’s hair product line for kids!


You can determine how often to schedule your routines. It is best to start with a “wash day” routine once a week. From there you can determine if that is too often or not often enough. Remember that in between full cleansing and conditioning sessions, you can perform a mid-week rinse to add hydration to your hair and proceed to styling. Here is a recommended hair care routine for you and your little girl.

  • Finger detangle to release any snags that may be clinging together. This is a dry detangling session so do not use a comb or a brush. If you need a little extra help, you can use a bit of natural coconut oil to aid in the process.


  • After clearing the hair out, you can wet the hair in the shower, bathtub or sink. Choose whichever place is most comfortable for your child. Thoroughly wet the hair and add your cleanser in circular motions. The Curlie Cutie Cleansing Cream smells delicious and begins to moisturize as it cleanses which is the start to a painless session. Rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary.


  • Condition your hair with Curly Q’s Coconut Dream Conditioner and apply to each section of the hair. Let the potion sit a few minutes to let the ingredients seep into the hair and proceed to rinse.


  • Now for the most important part. This will make or break your curlista’s confidence. Use the Moist Curls Moisturizer/Detangler by applying the product throughout her hair. Separate the hair in 4 sections with a profile part down the center of the head and another from ear to ear. Starting at the back sections, use a detangling brush or comb to gently comb through the hair starting at the ends and working your way upwards. If you approach a difficult section, simply spray more of the detangler and work it into the section of hair by massaging with your fingers. Proceed to continue detangling the hair. Make sure you take your time on this section as this is crucial! Over time her hair will be trained to stay detangled, you will experience less tangles, and have an easier and faster hair care routine.


  • Finally choose a styler to finalize your look. You can do a twist look, a wash and go style or any other style that your daughter loves. Change up her look to see what she likes best.


Hair care can be fun! All it takes is a little strategy and the best kids’ detangler for curly hair. Stick to your regimen and if you need to reschedule a session, speak with your daughter about that so that she knows the importance. You will help her begin a life long journey of healthy hair care!