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How CURLS Points Work

  • You earn 1 CURLS Point for every dollar spent (ex: You earn 18 CURLS Points when you purchase Curl Ecstasy - $18).
  • Each CURL point equals .08, so if you order $50 worth of products you earn $4 towards free products (12.5 points = $1.00).
  • CURLS Points are only accrued online.
  • It is your choice as to when you use your points. You can save your points until you have enough to get an entire order for free or you can use your points to create a discount off of an order.
  • Points do not apply to shipping or taxes.
  • Your total points and dollar value are calculated and can be viewed on-line.
  • At checkout you can choose Reward Points as your method of payment. Shipping and Taxes must be paid using regular method of payment such as Credit Card.
  • If you fail to enter your CURLS Point at checkout, you will have to wait to use your points on the next order. We cannot manually deduct points off of an order.
  • You cannot use and accrue points at the same time, you must do one or the other.
  • You must be a registered user to participate in CURLS Point program.
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Grow and Slay with Stanisha Stroman
I must say I loved using the @frizzfreecurls Blissful Lengths Liquid Hair Vitamins and the rest of the line! The liquid vitamin is easier than taking the pill and can be mixed with so many things! Often times I would take the vitamin by itself chilled from the fridge because I think it tastes better that way. This length after 3 months of using the shampoo, hair mask, control jelly and the vitamins. The whole line smells AMAZING and reparative hair mask is BOMB! Mind you, this is also after a hair coloring in the summer, just trimmed my ends 1 month ago, and a very harsh winter, yet my hair is retaining length and staying moisturized. My front end is at 10 in stretched, my right side is at 9 ins stretched, and my right side is 10 in stretched too! I would stay I'm a little past bra strap.length and working my way up to being "nipple length(?)" Can that be a thing. lol Well thanks again for @frizzfreecurls for creating such a great product. I'll still be continue to take this vitamin because I took advantage of their Black Friday sale!