Experience “knock your socks off” locks with our delectable delights!

Create effortless, frizz free curls that last with our easy 4 step system. Using products from one comprehensive line will always yield better results. Sometimes product ingredients from one line can clash with ingredients from others and cause extra frizz and build up.

We suggest that you try the CURLS system, by itself, to get the best results, from Step 1 – Step 4 – Cleansers to Stylers.


Step 1…



Start with picking one cleanser that meets your needs.

NOTE: if you are new to CURLS we highly recommend that you clarify your hair first.  Request a free sample of ourPure Curls Clarifying Shampoo when you order.

Step 2…



Do you need a deep curly hair conditioner to be used with heat or a daily rinse off conditioner? We have both. Choose accordingly.

Step 3…



Daily Moisturizer is for everyone.  Use Quenched Curls curly hair moisturizer, your “underwear for your hair,” under your selected CURLS styler (Step #4).  It is also GREAT for 2nd and 3rd day curl revival and refreshment. Have thick, coarse curls? Dry, damaged curls? Try our Cashmere Curls Leave In Conditioner, as your daily moisturizer and refresher. The Cashmere extraxcts will moisturize, repair, restore and revitalize your curls

Step 4…



CURLS offers several different hair stylers to meet the needs of the varying curly hair textures. Pick just one, based on your needs.
Congratulations! You have selected your customized CURLS Regime System!

What hair product is right for my hair type? What hair type am I?

Not sure what hair type you are or don’t know which product is right for your hair type – refer to our hair type and product guide.