Mahisha’s hair care regimen

I have type 3b curls.

My CURLS regime includes cleansing with Curlicious Curls Cleansing Cream, conditioning with Coconut Sublime Moisturizing conditioner.

I do both, in the shower, leaving the conditioner on for 5-7 minutes after detangling. My final rinse is always a cold one, to seal the cuticle for an amazing shine. I apply a thin layer of Coconut Sublime conditioner, throughout my hair, applying more in my ends, then I wrap my curls in a microfiber towel…scrunching excess water out. I moisturize with Quenched Curls Moisturizer and apply my styler of choice…in small sections, starting at the nape of my neck, blotting out excess liquid, with my microfiber towel. I alternate between 2 stylers – Curls Gel-les’c (when i need hold and extra frizz protection…usually all Spring/Summer long) or Curl SoufflĂ© (during Fall/Winter months). I used Curl Gel-les’c for this photo shoot to make sure my curls stayed in place, all day. I use Champagne and Caviar Curl Elixir on my “mommy bun days” or days when i cleanse/condition and smooth back into a braided bun. I apply a little Coconut Sublime Conditioner to my hair, then seal it with the Champagne and Caviar Curl Elixir (on my scalp, for growth enhancing, and on my hair). I smooth it back with boar bristle brush, add a pony, braid the hair, and wrap the braid around my pony holder.