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Blissful Lengths Liquid Hair Growth Vitamin

Blissful Lengths Liquid Hair Growth Vitamin
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Customer feedback

37 results found
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Brandi McRae
May 8, 2017
Good product. But please consider making it a month supply. Very expensive for just 15 days or so.
Oct 10, 2016
I am amazed by this product. I started transitioning back to my natural hair in Dec. 2015. It has been 10 months now. I cut my hair one really badly just to have all curly hair and no straight hairs because some of my hair was badly damaged from heat it was practically straight. So when i cut it off it was all kinds of wierd lenghts maybe about 3 months ago i cut my hair into a bob but kinda long bob. I have also struggled with my hair when after i took sugar bearhair vitamins it made my hair really weak after i stoped using it and my hair started ripping out easily super sensitive and what not. This vitamin along with the hair growth oil and the wash and leave in conditioner my hair is absolutely amazing now. Its moisturized and it feels soo healthy and ive been using this for only 1 or 2 weeks now i will give an update on hair growth in a month.
Oct 10, 2016
So, the tastes...not the best, but I think it works! I'm almost through my first bottle and i've noticed additional length. I am an avid vitamin taker (multivitamin for women) and i've not noticed this much growth with my normal routine. I will certainly credit it to this nasty tasting liquid. I'm here for another bottle - that says it all.
Oct 14, 2016
I received my blissful lengths on October 6 and have been taking it for a week now. This vitamin is the truth.... I kid you not, I'm already seeing new growth. Only 1 week and the hair is growing in all over my scalp. I take this everyday at the same time, with water. I also take biotin gummies but I wasn't seeing results with it. So I decided to try this because I just cannot deal with pills. I will admit it is expensive for just two weeks usage but I will try to do at least 2 months to see what results I get. If you can, treat yourself to this vitamin and see for yourself!!
Oct 18, 2016
It tastes great for a vitamin, in general too. I just finished my bottle and my hair has gotten thicker!! I mean really thick! It's grown enough to notice without length checking. It feels better as well. Not into growth because I like my short do's but it seems like I'll keep using this product! Thanks for the $0.99 offer through CurlBox for testing it out! Please keep up the quality! I'm heading to buy more of your line tomorrow!
Nov 3, 2016
Im a customer from Germany and it was my first time ordering. The delivery was so fast i couldn't believe my eyes.
The products were delivered after 3 days, well packed and i can't wait to see some results. Almost one week taking this stuff. I will write another review after finishing my first bottle :)
Thank you!
Nov 4, 2016
I just recieved my bottle and was soo worried about what this would do. All hair vitamins make me sick. This one I mixed the tablespoon with a half bottle of water and drank. It tasted great, and I didn't have any ill side effects. I took my before picture, and at the end of this bottle I cannot wait to see my after picture. I just wish that the bottle had more doses for the cost of it. I will definitly post a review at the end of my first bottle!
Danette D
Dec 5, 2016
I ordered this product back in Sept and was worried I wouldn't like the taste but it isn't bad at all. This is my first Curls product and I can say I am quite pleased. I have been taking the product, however not on a daily basis and I am amazed at how quickly my hair has grown since I've started taking it. My friends and coworkers have noticed a difference in the length of my hair as well. I would highly recommend this product and plan to purchase another bottle in the future. I wish the bottle was a little bigger but regardless it's a GREAT product.
Kina Weldon
Dec 7, 2016
This customer purchased the item at our site.
I started using these vitamins October 6,2016. I must say that I am in love with them! Over the past 2 months my hair hair has grown over 2 inches, my nails are stronger and growing faster than ever, my energy level is up and my skin is glowing!! I love the fact that by it being a liquid vitamin, my body is absorbing more of the nutrients as soon as it is ingested. I must also say that I LOVE the taste. I'm very pleased and will continue to take this Liquid Gold!! Thank you CURLS for answering so many prayers when you launched this vitamin!!
Taniesha Hill
Dec 12, 2016
Today will mark my first day using a liquid hair vitamin. I have used SEVERAL different hair vitamins including the "popular " brands but having seen an extreme amount of hair growth, just the usual. My hair is natural and currently 12 inches. I would love for my hair to reach 16-20 inches by this time next year and hopefully this vitamin can help do the trick. I will update my hair growth in the next month. But as for now I'm excited and will give this vitamin 5 stars, let's see if next month the 5 stars remain.
Dec 15, 2016
I ordered the Blissful Lengths Hair Growth Vitamin. I've only been taking it for a couple of weeks,but nearing a month in a few days. I haven't seen much growth but it's still early in the game. What I have noticed is that along with my skin care routine I have minimal to no breakouts since I've been using this product. I feel like with consistency and routine washed and properly taken care of hair I'll start to see growth. Therefore I will be measuring every other month. What I dislike this most about this product is the taste...FOR ME...I hate the taste,I always chase is with water or some cranberry juice. So far so good.
Brittany Wright
Dec 20, 2016
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Where do I begin?
I cut my hair into an ear length bob back in October. It is now December and my hair has grown over 3 inches and I had to get an early trim due to the rapid growth. II am 100% sure that the rapid growth is due to this vitamin. I never had such success taking biotin alone. I am on my third bottle and will continue to take this liquid vitamin.
Dec 28, 2016
I just have to say that this vitamin is really good ( I had noticed that my skin is flawless) that's a plus . The taste is not that bad but no that good(Sweet)
Dec 29, 2016
This customer purchased the item at our site.
I recieved my bottle yesterday at 9:17am by 9:20am it was in my stomach. I did this because vitamins should be taken in the morning preferably on a empty stomach. Well at 9:44 I happen to look at the clock and then thoought to myself, "Self my stomach doesn't hurt nor do I have an burping or gas". As is always the case when I take hair, skin and nails pills. I have taken all brands andall price points and this Curls brand is the most fab, darling. It gets5 stars even if it doesn't help fill in/grow my hair. Am ordering 2 more bottle now, since each bottle is only goodfor 15 servings or 15 days. Bravo!!! Thanks a bunch

BTW taking a look at the ingredients Curls should increase the Biotin levels and add in selenium & iron.
Dec 31, 2016
I started taking these on dec 5. I might be crazy but I feel like my hair has gotten fuller. It's easy for me to tell because my hair is on the fine side. I'm not crazy about the taste. Reminiscent of medicine. I bought 6 month supply during Black Friday sale
Marciarra hogans
Jan 6, 2017
Finally they got a liquid vitamin because I can't swallow pills for nothing.. I always gotta crush my pills and I get tired of crushing pills.
Jan 18, 2017
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Excellent product. Results are clear and present. Definitely refrigerate. I'm on my 3d bottle. Thank You Curls for a quality product.
Jan 21, 2017
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Jan 22, 2017
I did my big chop in June 2016, I have fast growing hair already. But I felt like my hair needed more nutrition within, so I tried Mane choice, Gummies, but my results were not really showing. When I found a liquid form of hair vitamins I was extremely happy. I hate pills. I put my hair in a perfective style to see my results clearer while I took this liquid vitamin everyday. OMGG when I took my style out after a month my hair had serious length, it was fuller, and my curl pattern is much more better. I am currently on my 3rd bottle.
Anissa Dawson
Feb 10, 2017
Love it already and it has been 1 month. Easy to take and now faster to get a hold of at Target.
Feb 22, 2017
Went to Target to purchase Nature Bounty, Hair ,Skin & Nail Gummies and found your product. I was impressed that it was in liquid form and brought it. I'm on my 3rd bottle it is "Wonderful"! My only complaint is that it is not a 30 day supply. Have you thought about increasing the ounces to a 30 day supply? It would be beneficial.
C Clark
Mar 24, 2017
Bought 2 bottles and started taking the blisfull lengths vitamin Mar. 13 Have not noticed any difference. Hopefully a noticeable difference will come through by May 13.
Apr 1, 2017
Just finished one bottle. Noticed that the product description says optimal results seen in 2-3 months. One bottle is roughly a 1/2 month supply. Quite EXPENSIVE for such a small supply, but if it works then maybe it's worth it. Bought another bottle yesterday so I'm gonna commit to 3 months to see what happens. Product purchased at Target on both occasions.
Celeste Pouncey
Apr 5, 2017
Really love this product after first 3 weeks my edges are filling in and I will order my second bottle, actually found something that works!
Apr 6, 2017
Love the vitamin but the only CON is that it's not a 30 day supply. Please consider doing that!